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Post  danair316 on Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:47 am

Roleplayname:danair316 steamname:[GMG]Killerdanair316 SteamID: STEAM_0:1:15375305 age 16 and up:True have u evered got arrested:False have have u evered got kicked:False have u ever got banned:False how long have u been playing: 30 days why should i get /op/admin/mod/super i am nice i never swear i never talk back i do wat admins tell me to do and im polite and i would like to help the server and other admins because im helpful nice a good gentlemen.
Why should we pick you as Op/Admin/Super: I think you should pick me as an op/admin/super because there are alot of bad things going on in this server. There are people that just dont stop being faggots and they dont let anyone play. i have witnessed it today before my eyes. I have already posted ban requests for the both of them but i plan not to let this happen again. I want to moderate this server and dont let anyone do that again. And it is good because since i live in portugal i can moderate in a different time period than you. I will always follow the rules for admins and players. i have read them and i plan to enforce them if i succseed to be admin. If i do not succseed just this once, then i ill try again later and try until i rid this server of evil.
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